Lucas Salsagheti 12pc Watermelon

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65 reviews for Lucas Salsagheti 12pc Watermelon

  1. itzel lopez

    Arrived on time

    It was great !

  2. Rosangel Ramos

    Sooo good!

    Ugh!! Been craving these sooo bad and I’m sooo happy I found them! Sooo yummy!

  3. Vanessa Morales

    Tasty treats

    Exactly as described.

  4. Karen Shuptar

    Niece approved!

    This is a Christmas gift for my niece. Although I have never tried it, she loves it. Customer service and delivery time were exceptional!

  5. tasi kilaulani


    Got it for a party. Kids loved it!

  6. Angela


    The flavor tastes delicious- just like watermelon. Its not stale at all and its not spicy or too salty. It has the perfect flavor and my package came unopened and as stated (all 12 packs came).

  7. Angie


    So yummy!

  8. Amazon Customer

    Mouth watering

    This was my second time ordering this candy from them and I absolutely LOVE them!!!! They are not stale at all and taste amazing ? 100% recommend if you’re a fan of this type of candy

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  9. Marcia


    My whole family loves these. It has great flavor. Perfect for a snack or to top of a nice smoothie.

  10. Safferdian


    Very good but a little addicting. 

  11. weezynj

    Not very good

    If you like gummi candies, there are better ones than this.

  12. Review Guy

    Very good

    Very good. I like it. Wish there were other flavors.

  13. Pblover

    YES Mexican candy

    Qué rico

  14. Zachary Beckman



  15. RnBFaNaTiC

    Decent overall

    The candy ropes were actually very good, I didn’t like the Lucas sauce that it came with though

  16. Lynette L.

  17. Jessa Nova

    Great delicious

    They were fresh and taste great.

  18. Barbara


    El sabor riquísimo muy recomendado para un antojito

  19. Norma Manjarrez

    Not enchiloso
  20. Nichole


    Delicious and came fast

  21. Raj

    Very Tasty

    Love these. Perfect size, love it that I was able to buy these in bulk. Family favorite candy.

  22. Omar

    Good flavor

    Pretty good

  23. sungsook jo

    Too small
  24. Andy Phan

  25. Taylor


    Everything came in perfect

  26. Laterz

  27. Garrett H.

  28. Mugwyn1013

    My grandson loved them ?

    A very well priced Mexican candy that my grandson loves. Can’t beat it if they love it

  29. Escobedo

    Five Stars


  30. Brittany

    I like em

    I like em

  31. SGW


    Tasted amazing and I didn’t wait long for shipping.

  32. Amazon Customer


    Great speed in delivery. Great taste in product.

  33. Amazon Customer

  34. Zulema Anzua


    Taste good and came in excellent condition

  35. Norma

    Try thissss

    This product was exactly what I wanted. They tasted soooooo good. I already finished my whole bag. Can’t wait to reorder!

  36. The Perfect Buyer

    Delicious Salsa Candy!!

    Great weird candy.. I love it. Taste good comes with real salsa to add with it. Adults will love.

  37. Bianca


    sooo good

  38. KitchenWitch

    Not a watermelon but tasty

    It’s Salsagheti. Some love it, some hate it. If you’re looking at it, you either know you want it, or you’re wondering if you should try it. If you’re in the latter camp, you’ve probably seen youtube vids of different folks reactions to it, and you’re looking for more user opinions…so here’s my two cents.The red pieces, the “spaghetti” portion, at least for this particular “watermelon” flavor, are basically thin red-licorice ropes (sweet, of course)…sprinkled with granules of sour-ish flavored sugar. The sauce for dipping is salty and spicy, but not light-your-mouth-on-fire hot. You can choose to pour that sauce over the candy, or dip it in; either way, it’s a fun mingling of flavors. My advice: This candy is much better when it’s stale. Seriously! The licorice has a better texture, and the flavors seem to refine in time, like a fine wine. (Not that my budget allows for fine wine, but still.) Trust me. Buy a stash, try it, then put the rest away for several months. The next time you try it, you’ll appreciate it much more than you did when it was fresh. It’s a sticky, chewy, gritty, sweet, sour, salty, spicy, mess….that’s Salsaghetti. Hallelujah. 🙂 

  39. Cinthya Alcazar

    Price great

    Flavor great

  40. Khadija

    Best Mexican candy out here.

    Y’all when I tell y’all this is my favorite Mexican candy this is my favorite. I never knew it came in a package of 12 I was excited. So I brought it it taste so good the flavor of the candy was there and was really nice. The thickness of the sauce was on point.

  41. lauren

    very good

    i purchased these for my little sister and she loves them! she likes them so much

  42. Jackie

    now mine and whoever we let try falls in love ? taste soo good

    My daughters fav candy, now mine and whoever we let try falls in love ? taste soo good!! My mouth is watering already

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  43. Jessica

    Good sweet & spicy snack

    Love the taste of the candy , one of my favorite Mexican candies.

  44. Carlos Alberto Mier Aguilar

    I love these

    Great…not spicy but yet very mexican

  45. Chris

    Fast, great delivery ????

    Salsagethi candies delivered fast and packed properly???

  46. Michael

  47. butter

    Kids hate it.

    My son saw this on Good Mythical Morning and wanted to try it in the worst way, so I bought it thinking it would make fun party favors for his 11th birthday party. Every. Single. Kid hated it. I did not try it. Lol 

  48. Roger


    Great product !

  49. Nika


    I love these

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  50. Savana

    My new favorite candy!

    So good that I’m ordering more!

  51. Orozco María


    Muy ricos y en buen estado .

  52. Donna H

    Wonderful candy!

    Kids love these candies!!

  53. Miguel Jaimes

    Five Stars

    My childhood.

  54. Sebastian


    Deliciousness in a box. That’s it.

  55. magdalena banuelos


    Love these 

  56. Elizabeth Reyes

    It was my second time buying them.

    I love them.

  57. Jose

    Delicious candy


  58. Steven Jemal

  59. Luz Elena Urena

    Perfect blend of sweet and spicy

    These have always been one of my favorite. I love the perfect tart flavor and the thickness makes for the right chewiness!

  60. Daniela

    Just what I wanted

    Very good! I was afraid they would have bad taste but they were just delicious just what I use to have when I was little. Will buy again.

  61. Yolanda

    Great flavored candy

    Love this candy tastes great obsessed! Wish they had the the option of purchasing the bigger singular candy same flavor

  62. Mayra


    Searching for these eveywhere and I’ve found them! These are delicious!

  63. Leilani

    La la love

    Miss living in San Diego so I’ve been ordering my Mexican candies online. I love it! Takes me back to Cali for sure.

  64. ASantana

    Great product!

    Love! Except there are only about 3-4 pieces in each package.

  65. Maria Aguilar


    They were delicious. It didn’t taste like old candy.

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