Bubbaloo 47pc Fresa (Strawberry)

(36 customer reviews)

$0.11 /unit

  • 47 individually wrapped pieces of gum per box
  • Perfect for treat bags
  • Strawberry flavor


  • Sabor de fresa
  • 47 chicles envueltos individualmente por caja
  • Perfecto para llenar bolsas de bolo

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Number of unit 50 unit
Weight 1.1 lbs



36 reviews for Bubbaloo 47pc Fresa (Strawberry)

  1. daron colbert

    Best chewing gum

    I love this gum been eating it for years

  2. Heather Dorris

    Did I grow up, or what?

    Not at all like the original back in the day! Still flavorful!

  3. Emily

    Super good

    One of my favorite gums I love that I don’t have to travel to get my favorite childhood candy

  4. Tatie

    Sharing my childhood candy with my sisters in 2020

    This is my favorite flavor besides the cherry one and this product was very fresh and spot on to what I remember it to be. Very happy with the product I know get to show my sisters some of my childhood favorite candies and gum and this is one. 

  5. DMF

    Very happy with purchase

    We really liked this flavor and the shipping was unbelievably fast! Would buy from this seller again.

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  6. Judith


    Súper ricos tal y como los recordabas

  7. Mundo

    Throwback to childhood!

    I remember these from my childhood! I just had to get for my children to experience them! Still delicious & don’t hold flavor long. Just like old days ?

  8. Yoarlenes Santos

    Loved it



    Bring back the original

    Not like before but it was a good 5 second taste

  10. Cassandra

    Worth it

    It’s worth the money

  11. Amazon Customer

    Short-lived flavor.

    Once flavor ends (literally 10mins max) it’s HARD and thick to chew.

  12. Beth L

    Will buy again

    Flavor doesn’t last real long but it tastes good.

  13. Kindle Customer

    Not the same formula from 2000’s

    Great flavor great price I think they changed the formula it used to taste different.. and the consistency has changed aswell but still pretty good flavor..

  14. Lyness from HV

    Chews more like wax than gum

    What flavor there was was gone in a minute or two and all you were left with was a ball of flavorless hard to chew gum. Date said they were fresh, but could have fooled me.

  15. JonOlivencia

    Very nostalgic
  16. Jay

    Its not as good as it once was

    Just like a lot of things in the consumer world, it just doesn’t taste like it did back in the day, it just tastes reformulated & not to mention that the vivid memory of the flavor in your mine lasts longer than the actual flavor. Its cool nostalgia candy from when I was a kid but im diss appointed enough to not pick it up again

  17. Brett

    Decent flavor

    Definitely did the trick.

  18. GC

    DELICIOUS & FRESH! Buy it, try it & LOVE it

    Best gum & best seller ever!! I’ve purchased many different flavors of this gum, & it’s always deliciously fresh & juicy. My favorite gum by far! Super fast shipping & excellent seller communication. 🙂

  19. Laura

    El sabor sigue siendo el mismo

    Bubbaloo me recuerda mi niñez ❤

  20. Michelle Batchelor

    Very good flavor

    Have not been able to find this gun since I was a kid! Absolutely love this gum my kids snuck the box and chewed all the bubblegum

  21. mariah

    Perfectly chewy! Reminds me of my childhood 🙂

    I was worried about buying these because of some of the reviews but they came perfectly! They weren’t hard like others had said and the taste threw me back into my childhood! I would totally recommend buying these if you miss the original gum 🙂 

  22. Nuzemit

    Kind of different feeling from when i was a kid

    Not bad, tho i remember they tasted different and were bigger when i was a kid 

  23. Jaysen

    Amazing Gum

    Ok, so the flavor doesn’t last long but when you first chew this gum, it is so good! Love this gum, only wish it came in bigger packs! 

  24. leiry

    Taste weird.
  25. PinkAnnie

    Just like it’s always been.

    Brought back great memories for my son. All the trips to Mexico relived.

  26. Ricardo


  27. Amanda Martinez

    Worth it !

    Brings me back ? 

  28. Elena Licitra

    Came in different flavors .

    I love the flavor. ?

  29. Odalys

    Love it

    Exactly what I expected

  30. Shameka walker

    It’s horrible and not in English

    Gum is horribleNot the same gum I grew up eating this gum isn’t even in English so you wouldn’t know what ur eating smh

  31. Virginia Guzman

    Fruity and delicious ?

    The best gum ?

  32. Joe


    Haven’t had this gum since I was a kid and it hasn’t changed a bit. 

  33. Hugo morera

    best gums

    taste very good

  34. Machoman24

    Flavor bursting, your mind will pa-pow- tasting the fruity gums

    I love gums, usually use it for outdoor activity. Worth buying it, will buy another few boxes eventually.

  35. Karissa Hadlick

    My favorite gum

    This has always been my favorite gum as a kid. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive for 50 pieces but I still love it anyways 

  36. Victoria


    Delicious, good flavor, good texture. Will buy again!

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