About Us

We are La Colmena!

Established in August 2014, in the city of North Las Vegas, Dulceria la Colmena is a Mexican Party Store.

Something for every event or party. 

We maintain a vast collection of hand-made piñatas, Hundreds of candy options, an array of party supplies (including decorations, tablecovers, banners, goody/treat bags), we inflate helium balloons, and we offer imported goods such as drinks, snacks, sauces, spices, and corn husks.


Spreading culture far and wide.


From our start, Dulceria la Colmena has imported goods from Mexico and other Spanish countries. While there are many cultural differences across Latin America, we share a few traditions when it comes to celebrations as well as candies and other treats.

Candy has a close bond with our cultures as taste and smell have the power to help recollect your first experience. Dulceria la Colmena is committed to help continue the traditions by making our childhood candy favorites available to everyone. 

Orthographic Projection of Latin America